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    Time Capsules Found Among Rubble in Christchurch


    by NTDTelevision

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    Search teams continue to comb through earthquake debris in New Zealand. And on Tuesday, the search team found two time capsules within the grounds of Christchurch Cathedral, dating back about 150 years.

    Urban search and rescue teams from the United States continue to comb through rubble in Christchurch, New Zealand on Wednesday.

    The rescue teams went into a severely damaged high rise and continued to clean up floors and staircases that collapsed on top of each other.

    On Tuesday, a worker found time capsules within the grounds of the Christchurch Cathedral. The statue of John Robert Godley, the Irish founder of the city, had fallen off its plinth during the quake.

    [Anthony Wright, Curator, Canterbury Museum]:
    "A crane driver working in the square noticed something on top of the plinth remaining that the statue was on and what those things were, were this time capsule and this glass bottle with a rolled parchment inside it."

    Godly had led the colonial settlement that founded Christchurch in 1850.

    [Anthony Wright, Curator, Canterbury Museum]:
    "It is one of these symbols of hope, it does go right back to the founding of Canterbury, so from that point of view it is great, in all this turmoil, to have these icons where we come from."

    Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker suggested the time capsules could contain documents that detailed the "vision" the settlers had for the city.

    Media reports say the items could have been placed when the statue was erected in 1867.

    The items have been handed over to the Canterbury museum where experts will examine the parchment and the capsule.