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    Home Mortgage Banker Mark Charles, Integrity First Home Loan


    by VideoproFile

    Home Mortgage Banker Mark Charles has been originating home loans since since 1997. He and his team at Integrity First Home Loans have helped over 2000 individuals and families realize their dreams, and that number continues to grow.

    As a home mortgage banker Mark truly enjoys assisting his clients; whether purchasing their own home, consolidating debt, moving out of an adjustable rate into a fixed rate, or arranging financing in order to build their dream home. He is committed to providing them with the best service around. And thanks to direct referrals from colleagues and peers, Mark continues to enjoy a positive, ever-increasing network of clients in the DFW area.

    Mark's home mortgage banker skills are highlighted by his extensive knowledge of how to structure loans so they close on time. If you're a first time home buyer, looking to buy a luxury home, or trading up or down, he will work to ensure your specific loan is cared for and processed in a timely manner. Some