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    Organic Handkerchief


    by EcoBold

    Get it at a discount here: We now offer HankyBooks, an organic cotton handkerchief for you and your kids at a great discount! The handkerchief books are made of super soft and absorbent 100% organic cotton pages which are bound together – therefore the name HankyBOOK- within a protective cover. No more used and dirty handkerchiefs in your pocket! You can use the inside pages of the HankyBook for all different kinds of purposes like blowing your nose, cleaning baby dribbles or wiping off dust and dirt. There are no limits! The protective cover ensures that your hands and pockets remain clean. What is also really great about them is that they are made of 100% organic cotton, reusable and washer & dryer safe! Instead of using regular tissues that are produced by cutting down trees, you can get the reusable Hankybooks which are organic AND reusable. Leslie Uke, the founder and inventor of HankyBooks, wanted to address the problem of tissue and clutter waste, and steer people towards a non-disposable culture. Since she has been dealing with a ‘leaky faucet’ all her life, she got frustrated with regular tissues and the resulting red nose, so she invented a practical solution. All HankyBooks are handmade from either second-hand fabrics (used for covers only) or 100% organic fabric. So you are not just doing a good deed for your nose, but also for the environment. Hankybooks can be ordered individually or in packs of three. They offer a variety of HankyBooks such as Red Fish Blue Fish, Pink Lotus, White Paisley, Green Vine and Baby Letters. The packages of three can be one style only, or a combination of styles. So get your own HankyBook today with our coupon code that is already included in our discount price!