Michael Moore - oscar speech

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fhc.io/hpXBu ,, (hq movie)
Par Imminentcamper3308En février
Good for Michael Moore. His comments were ahead of his time. Saw him at the Capitalism premiere in 2009 at TIFF and thanks to him have seen several films at the Traverse City film fest.
Par mervin23Il y a 5 ans
Michael, you're an inspiration. And, the best part about it is that you're doing all of this for the benefit of others. I'm a 23-yr-old documentary writer from Brisbane, Australia, and all I need to do to be inspired is watch/read your stuff. One day, I hope to meet and work with you. Thanks again, on behalf of all sane people.
Par anthonysalsoneIl y a 5 ans
moment d'anthologie.
Par PanacheDomIl y a 9 ans