How to Pilot a Seraph - Tutorial (Updated) [Halo: Reach ...


by CarrilloBrandi8085

Some additional information: I recommend doing this trick with two people. You can get out of the map by using the Drop Shield instead of Armor Lock, if you find it easier to do it this way. To use the DS, tap the ability button repeatedly (then hold it if you are about to slide off) until you are out. If you want a checkpoint with a Seraph, there's a few ways to do it. You can get your Seraph (full size, small, whatever you want), then send the other player to kill all remaining enemies (including the wraith) on the docks. This should give you a checkpoint. If this does not work, or you are unable to do this, you can get a checkpoint by progressing through the level through the building (while taking the Seraph over the 'second' half of the map. ***NOTE: If you get your checkpoint this way, you need to have the seraphs that you wish to keep OCCUPIED. The unoccupied vehicles will deload