Libyan government appears to attack town

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Arab satellite television say that pro-Gaddafi forces are violently moving into two eastern Libyan towns that were previously under control of rebels.

Al Arabiya television reported that 14 people were killed in the east Libyan town of Marsa El Brega after reports of a counter attack from pro-Gaddafi forces.

In Ajdabiyah, Al Jazeera television quoted as journalist saying explosions had been heard in the outskirts of the town. Arabiya said pro-Gaddafi forces had made an invasion into the town.

But a spokesman from the Libyan government said claims of counter-attacks were false

Asked about reports of attacks on Marsa El Brega and Ajdabiyah, Mussa Ibrahim said: "I very much doubt it. I believe it's one of those false reports."

Later, rebels claimed they were back in control of the eastern oil export terminal of Marsa el Brega.

"We are probably going to call for foreign help, probably air strikes at strategic locations that will put the nail in his (Gaddafi's) coffin," Mustafa Gheriani, a spokesman for the rebel February 17th Coalition, said.