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    Israelis & Palestinians Plant Olive Trees Together For Peace


    by NTDTelevision

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    On a warm sunny Saturday, dozens of Israelis and Palestinians left their homes together to plant olive trees in the fields of Salem, a Palestinian village. They were working towards a simple goal – peace. It was exciting and our correspondent bring us the story.

    The harvest is over, most of the land is ploughed, the ground is moist from recent rains and Israelis and Palestinians went together to the village of Salem near the city Nablus.

    Here, the field is prepared for the joint venture of planting olive trees.

    Many nurture hope in their hearts that “Peace” will come to the Middle East.

    [Buma Enbar, Peace Activist]:
    “All the Palestinians in Palestine, and all the Israelis in Israel want peace. The governments sign the agreements, but people are the ones who make peace.”

    Young children, teenagers and adults were on a mountain, where the field of village Salem is at, – smiling, talking, laughing and shaking hands with each other.

    The first time they met, they were already beginning to roll up their sleeves and taking part in planting the olive trees.

    These trees will be growing on the same land where the conflict between Palestinians and Israelis began.

    It was a spectacular sight to see two nationalities taking responsibility in their own hands.

    [Shoshi Enbal, Teacher]:
    “We are going to be with people, encourage them and show them that we are with them, no matter where or under what circumstances and to help them with the most basic thing – land, everyone's land.”

    Many may think that the word “peace” has been forgotten in the Middle East, but here we see a completely different reality.

    [Shira Ziv, 11-Years-Old]:
    “I hope there will be peace because it's really fun.”

    [Shoshi Enbal, Teacher]:
    “We hope for peace, safety and serenity in this great country.”

    Reporter:Betty Faiberg Photographer:Michael Ash
    NTD News, Salem, Palestinian Authority.