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    Ps3 Jailbreak ! Download FREE! PS Jailbreak USB


    by KarinHurlbut0052

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    download file here THE FIRST PS3 MODCIP IS OUT NOW BUT IT COSTS 170$ BUT YOU CAN GET IT HERE FOR FREE !!! You only have to follow this introduction ! 1. Download the Backup Manger file 2. Create a folder called PS3 on your pen drive which is is formated in format FAT32. 3. Copy then the Manager file on to your pen drive IN THE FOLDER "PS3" 4. If you have a fat PS3 turn the Power button off and if you have a slim put the power cable out of the PS3. 5. Put you pen drive in one of the USB Ports. 6. The turn the Ps3 on. BUT you have to press the power and after that the eject button very quickly 7. When the PS3 is started you will find the Backup Manger file in the Games Folder 8. And you need a second USB stick whioch is formated in FAT 32 ,too. You put it into the other USB Port. You need the second one to install the Backup Manager If you do everything linke this the Jailbreak will work and then you can copy every PS3 game to your harddrive I hope it willl work on your PS3 !!!!!!