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    Kris Williams: SyFy Ghost Hunters Int'l


    by iamstylin

    Sponsored by - Watch this episode for a promo code! Movie fans haven't been "afraid of no ghost" since "Ghostbusters" hit the screens in 1984, but television fans are getting afraid - very afraid - during each new episode of SyFy's Ghost Hunters International. As the team now travels the world, stories of ghosts gone bad serve up good programming for those who like history mixed with a good scare now and again. KP speaks with GHI host Kris Williams at the SAG Awards gift suite in Hollywood about her career as a professional ghost hunter, the endless supply of good material now that the show has gone global, and what she really thinks about the promise of the supernatural. Get every episode as soon as its posted - free! Subscribe in YouTube at Show suggestion, fan questions, special request? Email Like us on Facebook at Distributed by Tubemogul.