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    LICHTWERKER-Kinospot der Stadtwerke Düsseldorf

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    We did this special advertisement for a local energy provider in Düsseldorf/Germany "SWD".
    What makes it so special is that all lightpaintings are done by citizens of Düsseldorf.
    The claim of the client is "Mitten im Leben"/ "In real life", so we came up with the idea to let the clip be painted by citizens of Düsseldorf in Düsseldorf, because we all use energy very individually, there are many story's that can be told...
    We first did a small pilot and post it to the net and TV, then we did a workshop with all the new painters (in the age of 16-60) and shoot the video in 3 nights.
    It was a very nice experience for all of us.

    Thanks to André Jakoby, Andrea Höngesberg and Volker Becker for all there help and support.

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