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    risky vs joel


    by blackheart123

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    lol now whos going to pay to fix the guy's garage door?
    the narrator seems to talk alot about other's fighting skills; is he ever in any of the fights????
    By turfguy014 years ago
    Nathen Arsenault
    " some come handle it some cant" why the fuck is this fag keep talking? i dont see him taking blows he just gives the job
    By Nathen Arsenault4 years ago
    Jordan Gillihan
    i assumed before watching this that "risky" was the Hispanic one... risky name.
    By Jordan Gillihan4 years ago
    Kristopher Knox
    seriously a fucking commercial before every shitty vid, fuck this site
    By Kristopher Knox4 years ago
    Lewie Adkins
    fat ass got peaced up
    By Lewie Adkins4 years ago
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