Stephen Hawking and the universe


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The universe didn't emerge from nothing. You can't create something from nothing and vice versa. Something had to have always been in existence. The energy involved in the Big Bang was already there and has neither gained nor lost value. The 1st law of thermodynamics clarifies that.

Whether the universe is a closed or open system, the dark energy that is accelerating its expansion will eventually lose its ability to stretch the fabric of spacetime, which can only be stretched so far. A closed system will either quantum leap into another phase or begin closing in on itself. If it is an open system, that complicates matters. If dark energy is an outside invader, it may expand the universe for a longer period of time, but there is still a limit to dark energy. The 1st law assures us of that. How many dimensions there are within reality and how many phases the energy in the universe undergoes is still in question. That reality and its basic energy are eternal should be realized by now.
By Freethinker51 2 years ago