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    All Halo Reach Armor Unlock and Completion Before and ...


    by VerneYoffe2266

    First off this video is purely made for educational purposes. Yes this is a mod/hack. Yes this is an offline profile. No i do not mod online,IT RUINS EVERYONES FUN IF YOU MOD ONLINE! Secondly this video shows what armor is unlocked when you reach the higher levels and shows the prices for each armor piece. if you wanna see what armor you unlock, then watch the first 5 minutes. The rest of the video is me getting 100% armory completion. also towards the end i cut some stuff so i could make the a lilttle bit shorter and upload it. I will and can do armor amutations!!! this is so you can see what your spartan would look like if you bought the pieces you wanted! message for requests thank you. comment thumbs up and subscribe.ANY QUESTIONS ABOUT THIS REGARDING ARMOR PLZ MESSAGE ME