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    MW2 ANY Prestige & All Title Emblem Hack for PS3 - ...


    by MalisaRuffins3251

    VERY IMPORTANT: LISTEN TO VIDEO AFTER ALL STEPS ARE DONE Also, I can do it for you!!! Just subscribe and add Rasta_stevo on PSN But if ur doing it by yourself: Things u'll need USB Flash drive MW2 A copy of Resistance Fall Of Man to use temporarily (u may want to borrow someone Else's) OR a PC and the PS3 patch Blocker The files on my link (no survey needed and free) Keep in mind its best to use this tutorial as you go along doing this hack Steps To Bypass Patch and Hack Your Way to 10th Prestige 1. Make two split screen files, title one of them ERROR_RFOM and one PROFILE MP-10th_RFOM 2. Quit Mw2 and head to your computer. Insert your flash drive and download the link in the description (wait till it says regular download) 3. Open the download and extract the file. It should say "PS3". Copy it to your flash drive then eject the flash drive 4. Put your flash drive into your PS3. Go to "save data utility PS3" then click on your USB device. Copy both files to your ps3 (triangle, copy) hit "yes" if I does ask u to overwrite 5. Put in resistance fall of man. And go to campaign. If you've never played it or have already completed the first mission, start a new game. Skip the movie or wait for it to be done. 6. Now "The Gauntlet" should be loading. When it loads, wait for the beginning movie to end, then hit pause, save and quit, hover over yes, the eject disc and put in mw2. Then hit PS button then hit the mw2 disc icon, then hit PS button again and hit yes over save and quit. ****Now, mw2 is loading up. If it says 0% completed multiplayer, DO NOT WORRY. Your old data is still there without the bypass on. 7. Go to Multiplayer, then split screen. Hit load profile, then load "ERROR_RFOM" (You will get an error, but this is good) 8. Then go back into split screen and load the error file. Once loaded, go to barracks and Prestige. Then exit out and load PROFILE MP-10th_RFOM on Split Screen. 9. Back out and hit "play online" Then Look at your ninth Prestige!!!!! 10. Prestige and UR 10TH PRESTIGE!!!! Im srry, but when u ...