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    2011 Shen Yun European Tour Kicks Off in Frankfurt, Germany


    by NTDTelevision

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    We go now to Frankfurt, Germany, where Shen Yun Performing Arts premiered its 2011 European tour on Saturday night. Here is more from our Frankfurt correspondent.

    The premiere of the 2011 Shen Yun Performing Arts European tour kicked off in Frankfurt, Germany, this Saturday night. We asked audience members at the VIP reception what they thought of the new Shen Yun program.

    [Mr. Kielgas, Director, Luxury Cars Dependence]:
    "I was totally amazed. If you look at the orchestra, the live orchestra, the dancers, the preparations behind all that—it was a top quality show. I am still totally amazed. ... The Asian instruments from China— this was simply terrific. One cannot compare this [show] at all. What I have seen today, up until now, was unique and I am pleased I could be here."

    This audience member liked the variety of the show.

    [Sven Beek, Regional Director, Hotel Chain]:
    "The show had a lot of variety, with many different artists and many different performances. I particularly liked [the combination] of the Chinese classical dance and of fun elements that livened up everything, and made the show more fluid."

    Mr. Wysocki found the live orchestra impressive.

    [Mr. Wysocki, General Sales Manager, Automobile Company]:
    "Very beautiful. I was in the first row—very lucky. And I would often lean over the railing to watch the conductor—to see how he combines all the different musicians and how [the orchestra] uses the music to create momentum. I found this very impressive and I liked it very much."

    Also at the reception were the sponsors of the show.

    [Doris Engelland, Director, The Cooking Ape]:
    "It is always unique what one experiences there. That's why I will watch the show again tomorrow ... At the second show one observes completely different things. Therefore I always watch it twice."