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    Red Shirts Commemorate Crackdown Deaths in Thailand


    by NTDTelevision

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    And in Thailand, anti-government red shirt protesters gathered at a temple on Sunday. They were there to commemorate the six victims killed in May's military crackdown.

    In Bangkok, about a thousand anti-government red shirt protesters gathered at a temple on Sunday... remembering lives lost in last May's military crackdown of the red shirts.

    The temple is located in the middle of the shopping square which the red shirts occupied for over two months.

    Six members of their group were killed here during the military crackdown on May 19th.

    A government investigation says the six people might have been shot by the military.

    Seven red shirt leaders, who were released on bail on February 22nd, also attended the Buddhist ceremony.

    Though the leaders are also not permitted to take part in any rallies, they vow to fight on.

    [Nattawut Saikua, Red Shirt Leader]:
    "We will still stand together and keep fighting side by side, exchange ideas and consultations. Our determination doesn't change, our stand doesn't change and our struggle doesn't change."

    The red shirts plan to hold another mass rally on March 12th.