2000 Lincoln LS Problems


by dslim79

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I have a 2000 Lincoln LS that recently started leaking coolant from the side of the engine, I just replaced the water pump, radiator, took the hydraulic fan off and replaced it with a more powerful electric one. Put a cold air intake on it, a pcd performance chip, had it tuned up and some more shit, but Recently, it was like 15 to 25 degrees down here for a week straight, so with all the ice and snow on the ground, I just left it parked and drove my truck, but when everything melted, I drove the car to the store and when I came out, I noticed I was leaking coolant, and its coming from the side of the engine, thats what is puzzling me, anybody have any insight on this? By the way, the fan shroud is in the trunk, I had just took all the other stuff apart to see where it was leaking at so it usually doesnt look like that under the hood.