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    BADKIDS vol 1. DVD Trailer



    Badkids Vol. 1
    Cbo and Shakey are back at it again. Now you can finally see Badkids. Another classic for the industry to copy. This video is clearly the best street video ever made. Badkids are hilarious and obnoxious. Its been labeled "despicable" by Hollywood's finest suits. Badkids vol. 1, has ground breaking editing and outlandish characters. Balls-to-the-wall Power Break King (PBK) is back is back with all new escapades to be ripped apart by Grandma K's criticism with a kick. You have to see super stunner Cbo jump him brand new Gixer off a twelve-story building and Krazy Miller flip his monster jeep downtown in the street. This video is full of comedy and you will laugh your ass off. Can somebody tell me why Felix has pink hair? Guest appearances by Kat Williams, Nick Cannon, Bow Wow and many more.