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    I'm gonna try to come back for your eviction, Jose


    by james32_

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    The Glee task , was my favourite they seemed so inlove but niether one of them couldnt say it to each other at that time, awwwwwwwwwww they just keept giving each other hints.
    By mamajean5 years ago
    I love coming back to these clips and just seeing how much in love they are x
    By RedLadyBug915 years ago
    Its 12 midnight just read all your comments Day 43 hear i come horlicks and shortbread at the ready thanks xx
    By mamajean5 years ago
    Jackie Mcglynn
    At times watching these highlight shows left me so annoyed. They always made poor Josie out to be doing all the chasing and John keeping her at arms length. I just dont understand what was to be gained from that.
    By Jackie Mcglynn5 years ago
    Loved reading your comments @jackiebunny and @mamajean I too have to agree that day 45 was the best day for John and Josie as like you have said you could see the connection more and the by what John did and said that day you could really see that he did love her. I think I may just go watch day 43 again too :D xx
    By Shanz19955 years ago
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