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    Natalie Portman: Toast of Hollywood


    by ODN


    Natalie Portman might be the talk of LA ahead of the Oscars for her role in Black Swan, but fans in Britain are enjoying her funnier side.

    The mum-to-be is starring alongside Ashton Kutcher in new romantic comedy, No Strings Attached.

    Her co-star Kutcher thinks she is pretty amazing. "If she wanted to ski on one ski down Mount Everest, she'd figure out a way," he said.

    Director Ivan Reitman revealed Natalie read the script three years ago, and was immediately interested in the role.

    "She has this extraordinary skill to bring the truth out of a situation," Reitman said.

    He added: "The great thing about watching No Strings Attached at the same time that Black Swan is out, is you see the two sides of this extraordinary actor."

    No Strings Attached is out now.