Christchurch, New Zealand's Quake Survivors Recover


by NTDTelevision

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New Zealand's earthquake survivors recount their experience as more help is underway. Rescue teams from around the world arrived on Friday to help with recovery efforts.

Survivors from Christchurch's deadly earthquake are recovering from their harrowing ordeal, as Australian police arrived on Friday to aid with recovery efforts.

One earthquake survivor was pulled from a bus that was crushed by rubble from damaged buildings.

She says rescue workers and medical crews rushed to help many who were more seriously injured than she was.

[Ann Brower, Earthquake Survivor]:
"At one point I was really, really struggling to breathe, cause I was in shock and they were debating whether to give me oxygen because other people might need it."

Another survivor managed to crawl out from Canterbury TV building.

It's believed to be the deadliest site where up to 120 people are said to be trapped in the rubble, including 11 Japanese students.

[Liu Hongling, Student]:
"I made sure that it was the first level, I saw the ground and I was so relieved. I tried to calm myself down, looked around and found that I was not far away from the outside. There was light, very bright light. I could see the outside from within the rubble. So I moved some things aside and climbed out."

Australian police set off to aid with recovery efforts immediately after being sworn in.

Further international help arrived on Friday from Britain, China and the United States, allowing fatigued New Zealand rescue crews to rest.