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    Christchurch Quake Survivor Ties the Knot


    by NTDTelevision

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    Christchurch earthquake survivor Emma Howard weds her fiancé as originally planned. She escaped unharmed from a collapsed building where she was trapped in rubble for six hours.

    An earthquake survivor who was rescued from a collapsed building after being trapped for over six hours, went ahead with her wedding plans and married her fiancé on Friday.

    Emma Howard, an accountant in the Pyne Gould Guinness building, narrowly escaped when a concrete roof crashed down on her workstation during Tuesday's 6.3 magnitude tremor.

    She was huddled in the fetal position for six and a half hours while she waited for help, but she could see and hear her colleagues who were also trapped near her.

    She was finally rescued along with six of her colleagues.

    Howard's fiancé, Chris Greenslade, anxiously waited for his bride ahead of their wedding ceremony at the Christ the King Catholic Church in Burnside. The church was not affected by the quake.

    [Chris Greensdale, Emma's Fiancé]:
    "It's a big day here today, but it's been a crazy week, crazy week and I'm just glad I've got a happy ending to it all."

    He rushed to the scene immediately after the quake struck. He dug among the rubble and helped to free others while searching for Howard.

    After Emma was rescued, the couple decided to go ahead with their wedding as planned.

    Howard was unharmed except for some bruising when she was pulled from the rubble.

    The disaster has claimed 113 lives so far, and the authorities warned the death toll is set to climb, with more than 200 still missing.