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    Shanghai Introduces One-Dog Policy


    by NTDTelevision

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    Chinese households hoping to pad out their one-child families with furry companions face a new obstacle—a one-dog policy.

    New regulations by Shanghai authorities rule that residents are permitted just one dog per household. Unlicensed pets will have to be given away.

    Chinese authorities say the rules are to curb rampant barking, unscooped poops and the rising occurrence of dog attacks.

    Dog ownership has exploded with China's growing elite, with about 140,000 licensed dogs in Shanghai and official estimates of a further 600,000 unlicensed ones.

    The policy will go into effect on May 15th. Owners will be required to regularly vaccinate their dogs against rabies and do annual checks.

    Attack dogs like Tibetan mastiffs and English bulldogs will be banned and some police will carry readers to check if a dog is microchipped.