South Koreans Urge North Korean Civilians to Take Action

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Waves of civilian protests have swept across the Middle East. And now people in South Korea are urging North Korean civilians to topple the state's communist regime.

In Seoul on Friday, dozens of conservative South Koreans held a protest against their communist neighbor. They chanted anti-North Korean slogans, burning a North Korean flag with photos of North Korean leader Kim Jong-il and his youngest son and heir apparent Kim Jong-un.

[Park Chan-sung, Protester]:
"Dictatorial countries in the Middle East are collapsing now by civilian revolution. Such a democratic wave should be spread to North Korea like flames to topple the 66-year-old dictatorship by Kim Jong-il and to establish a democratic government - this is the desire by the United States, Japan and Northeast Asian countries as well as South Koreans."

Tunisia and Egypt toppled their long-reigning leaders, and protesters have risen across the Middle East and North Africa demanding reforms.

In North Korea, current leader Kim Jong-il is in the process of transferring power to one of his sons.

Kim Jong-il's son, Kim Jong-un, was named as a four-star general last year and given high ranking political positions, signaling the start of the third-generation power transition in the secretive state.