Entire Town of Bernalillo without gas

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the entire town of bernalillo is completely without natural gas.... leaving thousands of residents scrambling for ways to keep warm. our eddie garcia joins us live from an emergency shelter that's been set up to take in people without heat. considering how widespread the gas outage is - it's surprising to see that there are very few people here at the shelter. earlier this afternoon we visited with people out in the city who are doing the best they can to keep warm. but the question i keep hearing is 'why' -is the entire town without natural gas. yvette ornelasbernalillo resident i'm wondering why us? why the people around us have gas and heat and we don't have anything. we didn't even have a tv, we don't have cable so there was no warning so no we're just stuck. as we mentioned earlier -- a big part of the reason for the outage is the demand. no word from officials when gas service will be restored. right now police are driving down residential areas checking to see if anyone needs help. and of course a shelter has been set up here at the rotary park community center - stay with us as we continue to bring you updates in this developing story.