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    Ashton Kutcher to play Bruce Willis' son?


    by ODN


    Ashton Kutcher has revealed Ricky Gervais' Golden Globe gag about Bruce Willis being his dad might actually come true.

    "We've actually talked about playing in a film together and it generally isn't like a buddy cop movie, so there's generally some dynamic of a generation," the actor said.

    Gervais drew gasps from the audience at the Hollywood ceremony last month when he introduced Willis, who was once married to Kutcher's wife Demi Moore, as the 33-year-old's father.

    But according to Ashton, the whole family laughed. He said: "I thought it was funnier than hell, it made me laugh.

    "Bruce has a great sense of humour, he was laughing when he came out so I think he thought it was funny."

    Kutcher is currently starring in romantic comedy, No Strings Attached.