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    Luis Campos - Khalifa - Black And Yellow (drum cover)


    by chocsdrums

    Sup here is another request. This is a new song for me and I really like it. Not sure about the lyrics but it sounds great. I had a great time recording this song, I don't know if you notice but I changed the mixer set up. I took some advices from people commenting on my videos. I put up the bass drum and toms a bit, I put down the snare and some how I like more the sound. Thank you guys for watching and giving me advices. It's amazing the response I'm having from a lot of people around the world youtube is totally a powerful tool for a musician now days and should be taken serious for up and coming artists. I love what I'm doing and I'm happy to be part of the new technology and being able to record these videos. 10 years back there was not even a chance to make videos like this with all programs and access to computers like now days.

    If you have a song you would like me to cover send an email to: