11 years, 24 arrests: APD searches for Jack Anaya

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There's a new man on top of the city's most wanted property crimes list and KOB Eyewitness News 4 is learning just how bad of a guy he really is. Police need your help finding 28 year old Jack Anaya. Today Albuquerque Police filed two more warrants for Jack Anaya. In addition, they started putting his picture on billboards around the city. According to a criminal complaint, Anaya is a gang member with a long criminal past. Anaya was actually caught on camera, allegedly breaking into a Northeast Albuquerque home. A neighbor snapped digital pictures of him, hauling out stolen goods. KOB Eyewitness News 4 has learned the same house was burglarized twice. Police say both times Jack Anaya was the culprit. Another victim across town says he caught Anaya in the act, breaking into his home. Anaya's sister was also there, driving the getaway car. She's now in jail. "They took a big screen tv, the took tvs from my room. They took PS3 with pictures and stuff in it. Jewelry boxes, Christmas gifts," victim Tony Garcia said. Albuquerque Police filed two new warrants for Anaya's arrest today, roping a total of 8 combined counts of residential burglary.