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    Japanese Man Accused of Murdering Briton Publishes Memoir


    by NTDTelevision

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    The Japanese man accused of murdering British teacher Lindsay Ann Hawker has written a memoir describing his life as a fugitive before his arrest. The book appears to be selling well with over one hundred thousand copies sold.

    The Japanese man accused of killing a British English teacher in 2007 has returned to the limelight again.


    It details Ichihashi's account of how he managed to evade the police for two and a half years after being accused of murdering British teacher Lindsay Ann Hawker.

    Ichihashi is currently on trial for Hawker's death. She was found brutally murdered and buried in sand in a bathtub on the balcony of Ichihashi's apartment.

    Yet despite hardly any pre-publicity, some of the bookstores say the book has sold well.

    A Japanese pop culture specialist and columnist describes Ichihashi's book as essentially self-centered.


    In the book's dedication Ichihashi says he does not want to accept any of the proceeds from the sales of the book, and wants the money to go to either the Hawker family or charity.

    Karasawa says, however, that Ichihashi's accounts show no other sign of remorse.

    [Shunichi Karasawa, Pop Culture Specialist and Columnist]:
    "The fact is that he robbed her of her life, but I feel almost no remorse from his book."

    Many Japanese were shocked the book was published at all.


    A few admit they were curious.

    [Yoko Fujii]:
    "I am curious to know what psychological mindset compelled him to write this book. These things rarely are published, so I do have interest in it, but really it's just out of curiosity."

    Lindsay Hawker moved to Japan in October 2006 to become an English teacher at a major English school in Tokyo. Ichihashi allegedly approached Miss Hawker on her train ride home from her work and asked her to become his private tutor.

    Ichihashi's first court appearance has yet to be confirmed.