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    Junior Dan - Wise Man + Dubs

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    Junior Dan - Wise Man + East Of The Rio Cobre (melodica version) + Cobre version

    wise man say
    hear wha him say
    wise man say

    I was sittin' on the river side
    one bright and sunny day
    a wise wise man came passing by
    and this is what he said:
    "until there is no more colour or class and fighting among your brothers
    and all social classes abolish
    only war each day"
    war and bloodshed
    war and and [???]
    war each day
    Blood inna east and
    Blood inna west and
    war each day

    please Mister
    Ites Haile's to say something but he has disappeared
    leaving only memories of war he had to set
    that until there no more colour or class
    there only war

    peace and love my brothers
    peace and love my sisters
    Run up 'way
    Back up 'way
    if a worries you a bring
    peace and love is what I sing
    Run up 'way
    Back up 'way
    with you quarrels
    if you trouble
    it will bun you
    One God, One Aim, One Destiny
    people people
    One God, One Aim, One Destiny
    reach out for love
    reach out for true
    true connection