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    "A Great Performance" - Tennessee State Senator on Shen Yun


    by NTDTelevision

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    Bill Ketron, a Tennessee State Senator, was in the audience at Shen Yun Performing Arts in Nashville.

    [Bill Ketron Jr., Tennessee State Senator]:
    "It was just a great performance, top to bottom. You know we really enjoyed being here and we welcome the whole troupe here to Nashville."

    Shen Yun brings 5000 years of traditional Chinese culture to life through Chinese classical dance and music.

    [Bill Ketron Jr., Tennessee State Senator]:
    "You know I really enjoyed the origin, especially the first scene, you know, the creation. And then as it progressed and talked about even up to modern times."

    He also liked the digital backdrop.

    [Bill Ketron Jr., Tennessee State Senator]:
    "I really enjoyed the screen set as they came, I guess the spirits or the kings came down and when someone died they went back to heaven, you know that was kind of neat. I enjoyed that."

    Councilman Walter Hunt liked Shen Yun's message.

    [Walter Hunt, Nashville Councilman]:
    "Particularly the singing, it was a message of peace... It's a song of peace, it's a play of peace and they are sending a message of peace. So that's what I got out of the whole thing but I really enjoyed it."

    NTD News, Nashville, Tennessee