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    Jakarta Closes Chinese New Year with Cap Go Meh Festival


    by NTDTelevision

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    The last day of Lunar New Year celebrations or Cap Go Meh celebration was rousingly celebrated in Indonesia on Saturday. It's also the first day of the Chinese New Year and a national holiday. Let's look in on the activities at Jakarta's International Expo.

    "Indonesia Got Talent" finalist, Belda Zando, shows his stuff at the "Cap Go Meh Festival" during Jakarta's International Expo over the weekend.

    Zando performs five fire art dances during his routine to wild applause.

    Many believe they have a chance to make their hopes a reality by floating lotus candles on the Lake of Hope.

    Cap Go Meh symbolizes the 15th and last day of the Chinese Lunar New Year period which is celebrated by ethnic Chinese.

    It's also the first day of Chinese New Year and a full moon shines.

    Culturally, Cap Go Meh is celebrated with the attractions and performances of Chinese traditional arts.

    [Mahardi Saputra, Jakarta International Expo]: (Male, Bahasa)
    "Indonesia is made up from various tribes and ethnics, especially ethnic Chinese. From the beginning ethnic Chinese contributed much to Indonesia. All of us are born in Indonesia and we love Indonesia, and because we love it, we enrich the Indonesian cultures with these Chinese traditional cultures."

    In 2002, Indonesia officially published the Chinese New Year as an Indonesian national holiday.

    And what would such a celebration be without fireworks.

    NTD News, Jakarta, Indonesia.