"Who is this guy anyway?!"


by princesssparkle



Why did John avoid contact with Davina, was it cos he was really hacked off with BB or was it just a mistake. Felt really really sorry for him, he was made to look like he was a gameplayer and insincere, you could tell he was nervous, but took it on the chin. I dont know why BB wanted a villan in BB perhaps they should have put a real one in there, having a laugh is ok, but character assassination is another matter
By marju771 4 years ago
John James just left the love of his life, and wanted to see him mum he hadn't saw for 4 months and he is dragged on here and abused. John didn't even want to come on, he only was cos Josie said he should. And cos he loved her he did.
By JosieAndJohn 4 years ago
Josie better kill him on Celebrity Juice!!!!!!!
By JosieAndJohn 4 years ago
I know he can handle himself but I felt so sorry for John James here. He was like a rabbit caught in the headlights. I really went off Davina as well as I thought she was very two-faced where he was concerned. Notice the way he deliberatley avoids her when he comes on.
By Jackie Mcglynn 4 years ago
Who are ya !! Haha Don't mess with John James Drizzle oops Bizzle LOL.... Wonder how he will react to Josie on Celebrity Juice ;)
By jules242 4 years ago