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    Residents Flee Ash-Spewing Volcano in the Central Philippine


    by NTDTelevision

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    Hundreds of villagers were forced to evacuate their homes as Mount Bulusan spewed ash in the central Philippines. Volcanic activity was last recorded in January.

    On Monday hundreds of people fled villages around a volcano in the central Philippines.

    Mount Bulusan, one of the country's most active volcanoes, spewed ash that covered several villages in two towns in central Sorsogon Province, forcing people to evacuate.

    [Jovelyn, Resident]:
    "We were running. The volcano was boiling."

    The army sent trucks to move around two thousand people to evacuation centers.

    Schools were closed and used as temporary shelters.

    Soldiers patrolled the danger zone to stop people from returning to their homes and farms until it is safe to return.

    [Dolores Dawa, Resident]:
    "We were so scared. We were told to stay put in the town hall. We wouldn't have been allowed to go back to our homes if we didn't insist. The streets were so dark. The light couldn't penetrate the ash. It was so dark."

    Local police helped distribute masks to villagers living near Mount Bulusan.

    Aircraft were also advised to avoid flying close to the volcano.

    Experts say Monday's ash eruption was stronger than the last one in January, but was not persistent.

    Mount Bulusan started spewing ash in November 2010 but its activity had died down just before the end of 2010.