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    Turning Plastic Waste Into Unique Products


    by NTDTelevision

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    Rubbish is a huge problem all over the world, particularly in Bali, with its booming tourism trade putting pressure on the environment. Now an environmental education group in Bali is recycling this waste into a valuable product to sell. This has also provided more jobs, empowering more women to work. Here’s more from our Bali correspondent.

    Dozens of bags and pouches in beautiful colors and unique patterns are on display in a shop.

    This shop is run by the Center for Environmental Education or PPLH Bali, located in Sanur Bali.

    At first glance, they looked like factory-made goods, but these shopping bags, pencil cases and purses are actually hand-made products made from used plastic packaging.

    The creative idea is based on a mission by PPLH Bali, to help people see that doing something for the environment is actually quite simple.

    This can also increase job opportunities, as PPLH Bali is empowering women workers in this field.

    Made Hariana (Ma as in Mama, and de, like the de in, denounce.), chairman of PPLH Bali believes that the efforts are helping maintain the environment.

    [Made Hariana, Chairman PPLH Bali]:
    "Motivate them to sort the trash, and to reuse, recycle and reduce, which will reduce waste. One such way to reduce waste is to make craft from recycled rubbish.”

    Raw materials come from plastic packaging from detergent, coffee, instant noodles, or anything strong.

    They are collected from shops and schools, then inspected further before they get washed and dried.

    The materials are then cut to the right size and stitched together.

    Through the skillful hands of the workers, soon they transform into beautiful products that are no less attractive than manufactured goods.

    But these environmental-friendly products are still having difficulty reaching a bigger market.

    NTD News, Bali, Indonesia