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    Dr Todd Turnbull Ratings


    by DrToddTurnbull

    I WAS PAIN FREE!!! I went to see Dr. Turnbull after I pulled a muscle in my side. For two days I could barely walk without a great deal of pain, but I very much wanted to go out dancing. I did not think there was much that could be done to fix a pulled muscle, but Dr. Todd Turnbull with Turnbull Chiropractic did 20 minutes of muscle work, and it was like a miracle. Not only was I pain free when I left his office, but I danced for five hours that night and still felt fine the following day. See you soon.

    DID JUST WHAT HE SAID!! after a lengthy education on what was really happening and how to fix it and hearing Dr. Todd Turnbull with Turnbull Chiropractic say that he could work on feet more than 40 hours a week because that is where so many issues stem from, Doc went in and did just what he said. I was on my feet running, pain free the next day.