Are Christians retards? Some Atheists think so.


by ChristianFaithVideos



Gary Pennington
How does this idiot know anything about life, (much less how human life began), if evolution was truth than he has a very long way to go, (evolve).
By Gary PenningtonOctober
Trent Collicutt
So you (sandro26) think that having religious beliefs should not have the right to be a physicist?

Perhaps we should make them wear crosses so they can easily be identified.

I'm going to go get some freedom fries.
By Trent Collicutt4 years ago
Is it a joke?

Because, I am a french atheist and when I saw the title I thought that I would see someone talking about some stupid other atheist who say "Christians are retards!".

Because saying that is not an argument...Christians aren't retards. Maybe a little simple minded or rather naive... but who could juges them if they dont hurt anybody?... And who could blame them? Its still good to have faith in something (if its not fanatism).
But I am agree that only pro can talk about science... Be Christians only give the right to do philosophie... not physics or biology...

But this guy! On the video!... He is a retard! Is he Christian? I dont think so... Intelligent deseign or even creationnisme is not Christian... You can just look at these vidéo :
By sandro265 years ago