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    SVC - Senior Value Cell Phone with Tracfone


    by TheMayfairCoven



    I think its so funny that Tracfone put no type of age restriction on purchasing an SVC when I assume other companies probably do - all the better since the deal is good. I know SVC's actual service is like $7 a month, but I think its grat that you can also use TF aircards since anyone using the phone might want to increase their minutes month to month.
    By AmazonGabby5 years ago
    Hello, I've been a longtime customer of tracfone and I love it! i was able to buy my cell phone for very cheap! Of course I didn't want anything too expensive because knowing me I would probably drop it and break it. Thanks to tracfone i also get to pay very little for my phone service. I pay close to 7 dollars a month. If it wasn't for that I most likely would not own a phone. I strongly suggest it to all seniors, it's the perfect deal.
    By LadyGuinevere5 years ago
    Turtle dove100, is on the money here - you've got to add double minutes for life if you want to really save money. Without the feature tracfones rates become rather ordinary. There's always trying to save with coupons and such, but make sure about the DMFL
    By Dingoaling5 years ago
    Tracfone is definitely the lowest out of pocket cost plan on the market at the moment, so at least these seniors who are really on a shoe string budget and up to their eyeballs in medical bills can afford a plan that only costs them $19.99/120 minutes (if using double minutes for life plan)/90 days. They must always try to buy the Tracfone phone card that has a promocode on for free minutes.
    By turtledove1005 years ago
    If your parents or grandparents don’t have a phone, this is probably the best deal you’re going to get online. I don’t think there’s a cheaper service than the SVC phones available right now. I’m about 90% sure that after my research they are the lowest. Still even with the cost, it provides a great service and gives me some peace of mind with my parents who live all the way in Georgia. Still there could be improvements, but overall my parents are pleased with the service.
    By timbradley1215 years ago
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