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    Listen to mom when it comes to Straight Talk


    by TheMayfairCoven



    @teddybearhug - So glad that I heard another parent doing this for their kids - I got my daughter an ST phone and $30 over the holidays for them to share since they are 11 and 13. I thought the unlimited plan was a little too much for two kids even though they have plenty of actitivites going on and I thought the price and the limit of the $30 plan seemed like a better idea. I had to go Straight Talk since I've been a customer for over 2 years.
    By JanNMel5 years ago
    teddybearhug, I like your way of thinking. Going over on minutes for anyone is a huge cost . Having a prepaid plan certainly can help control what you spend. With Straight talk uses AT&T or T-Mobile if you use a gsm phone or Verizon if you use a cdma phone. So you get reliable service for half the price. What I want to know, how on earth did we survive as kids before cell phones were around?
    By mscoffee5 years ago
    I wanted to get my kids phones, but contract plans were too pricy, and I couldn't trust them to not go over their text limits. I looked into prepaid and found straight talk, which for 30 dollars a month gives them 1000 minutes/texts, and no extra fees for going over, they just can't go over, which means I get to save money and not have to worry, and believe me, I have enough to worry about already
    By teddybearhug5 years ago
    You can switch numbers online, so it is easy. Straight Talk is a great cellphone service if your mom uses the phone a lot, say more than half an hour a day. If she uses it less than that, you should look at some other service, perhaps Net10.
    By ElliotRG5 years ago
    I wouldn't get somebody a phone even if it's your own mother. Think it's a personal choice. I have Straight Talk and I've recommended it to a friend who was shopping around, but I wouldn't be buying anybody a phone unless I know they really like it. Straight Talk phones don't cost that much, but you're still putting out money and then what if they want something else? Anyway, to answer one of your questions. Yes, think she can keep her number.
    By savvystudent5 years ago
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