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    Zen and Zero

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    Coolness. Surfing in Costa Rica is oh soooo fun.

    Zen and Zero A surf trip from L.A. to Costa Rica is a classic, a free ride, executed by generations of surfers since the 60ies. It's a surf-pilgrimage and a business trip a the same time: Offroaders sell down south for double their price in L.A., making the journey pay for itself. So they say. When five landlocked Austrians get on that very road, it becomes a different thing: A comedy, a philosophical diversion, an investigation of the myth of the surfer dude itself.

    Winner of several film festivals, including; X-Dance 2006: Best Director, Best Story; Santa Cruz IFF 2006 : Special Director's Award; Taho IFF 2006 : Best Adventure Film; Saint Jean de Luz 2006 - Festival of Surf-Films : Best