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    Roxy Pro Sunset Beach Final - 2006

    Broadband Sports

    by Broadband Sports

    Melanie Bartels learned a huge life lesson at Sunset Beach today: If you don't believe in yourself, you're not going to succeed.

    Fortunately for Mel, she learned it the right way. The Westside Oahu native dominated the Roxy Pro all the way from the trials, through six heats and eventually a ridiculously tight final in which she beat wunderkind Stephanie Gilmore.

    And if there's anyone in women's pro surfing that needed a win like this to prove just how talented she really is, it's Melanie Bartels. For years people have been claiming that Mel is easily the best female surfer in the world. But for unidentified personal turmoil, Melanie has always lacked the drive.