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    Sean Mckoy

    by Sean Mckoy

    One in a million"...that's the statistic that is given when people say they want to become a media industry guru along the lines of Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, or James Cameron. Sadly, the statistic is true. However, Middle Bucks Institute of Technology in Pennsylvania have created a successful model that stands to increase the possibility of youth entering and dominating the 'industry'. Through its robust curriculum and dedicated teaching staff the program affords students the opportunity to have real life experiences encountered in the multimedia, tv and film industries. Over the past year MBIT's multimedia program has worked with Comcast to allow the students to not only meet several political and media executives but also work alongside with producers to create segments of the popular 'Comcast Newsmakers' production. Unskrptd has followed this phenemonal undertaking that is sure to have captured a future industry leader in the making. Happy viewing!
    (Episode dedicated in memory of two local Philadelphia TV greats(Ed Elias Sr(6abc) and Art Szcykalski(wphl17) who paved the way for the next TV generation.)