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    Who is Steph Gilmore...?

    Broadband Sports

    by Broadband Sports

    Who is Steph Gilmore...? A tree-hugging hippie; a receptionist; a skater girl; a seamstress; a bum; a pervert...? Nope. She's just a damn good surfer.

    teph Gilmore is the most talked about athlete in women's surfing. Still a teenager and only just finished high school, Steph has already done more than most of us can dream...

    After learning to stand on a bodyboard at the double-digit age of 10, Steph fell in love with the freedom of surfing. She rates "everyone that surfs" as an inspiration and loves travelling her country and the world on Rip Curl Search trips.

    Steph is the girl everyone believes will push women's surfing beyond the boundaries and no matter whether you've seen her in videos or watched her at Snapper one hundred times, her advanced style impresses with something new every time she's in the water.