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    Indian Authorities Raid Homes of Commonwealth Games Official


    by NTDTelevision

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    India has been conducting raids at the homes of Commonwealth Games officials in New Delhi and northern Uttar Pradesh state. Both the Central Bureau of Investigation and the Income Tax Department raided homes after ongoing charges of corruption during the Games.

    India's Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) conducted raids on Friday at the residences of six officials of the Commonwealth Games Organizing Committee (CGOC). The officials are facing charges of abusing power while holding crucial positions during the Games.

    Last week the CBI arrested the personal assistant to the former Games Organizing Committee chairman.

    The Games were estimated to be one of the most expensive ever. While official estimates put the cost at $3 billion, unofficial sources say it may have been more than $15 billion.

    The Games were marred by charges of corruption, dubious contracts and poor workmanship in the various facilities.

    In November, Kalmadi, a powerful lawmaker from the Indian Prime Minister's Congress party, was fired from following allegations of graft and mismanagement of the Games. His political influence is seen as the reason he had managed to stay on as the chief of the Games' organizing panel.

    The Income Tax Department conducted raids and collected documents from the homes of several of Kalmadi's key aides, including the Secretary General and the CGOC Director General.

    India's ruling Congress party-led coalition government came under fierce criticism for mismanagement and clumsy handling over the sporting extravaganza.