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    Australian Toddler Gets Stuck in Toy Vending Machine


    by NTDTelevision

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    It was quite an experience for one Australian toddler who got trapped inside a toy vending machine Thursday. Rescue crews were called in to free the adventurous boy.

    Australian rescue crews responded to a call in Lake Haven on Thursday after a toddler crawled into a toy vending machine and got trapped inside.

    Mother Tracey Summit was at a shopping center with her three year-old son Callum when she lost sight of him.

    The next place she saw him... trapped inside the vending machine.

    [Tracey Sammut, Callum's Mother]:
    "We walked out saying, 'Callum, where are you?' and I could hear him saying, 'I am here, Mummy.' and I said 'Where?' 'I'm in here Mummy' and I said 'Where in here' and he popped his head out of the toy story chute."

    She also says her first concern was about oxygen levels in the vending machine.
    [Tracey Sammut, Callum's Mother]:
    "How much air was in there, that was the first question I asked to the center management, 'can he survive?'"

    Rescue workers spent over an hour trying to free the young boy.

    [Tracey Sammut, Callum's Mother]:
    "They actually ended up wedging off with a crow bar, the bottom of the chute and he came back down."

    Callum wasn't hurt, but did give his mother a scare.

    [Tracey Sammut, Callum's Mother]:
    "I do think he has got a bit of contortionist in him but yeah, he keeps me on my toes, that's for sure."

    And as for the toy vending machine, it's out of service, for now.