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    Mercedes-Benz F-CELL Drive successfully crossed Europe

    Ccm-news Byron

    by Ccm-news Byron

    The Mercedes-Benz F-CELL World Drive successfully completed crossing Europe. From Lisbon the B-Class Fuel Cell will depart by plane to the US. Starting February 25 the vehicles will drive from Miami to Seattle. Here some key figures of the trip through Europe:

    19 Cars drove 9 days crossing four countries. 5 press days and 2 days for planning and logistics.

    12 days of sunshine and 3 days of rain.

    3700 kilometers or 2300 miles driven by each B-Class F-CELL
    Average Consumption 1.18 kilogram Hydrogen or the equivalent of 4.01 Liter Diesel Fuel, combined Highway and inner city.

    Total consumption 114.96 kilogram Hydrogen -- and 5 kilogram Coffee (11 pundsUS)

    Longest distance driven in one leg 320 kilometer or 200 miles
    20 journalist accompanied the tour as well as on Member of the Board Dr. Thomas Weber, Head of Research and Development Mercedes-Benz Car Group.

    2 repairs completed, one necessary and one as precaution.

    Cars damaged: O