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    Valentine's Day Controversy in Poland


    by NTDTelevision

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    And now we move to Poland, where the recently introduced Valentine's Day is gaining popularity. But some say it poses a cultural threat to ancient Slavic traditions. Here's more from our correspondent.

    Many Poles have embraced Valentine's Day since it was introduced to Poland in the 90's.

    But not everyone is all that enthusiastic.

    Some, like the Chairman of the Association for the Preservation of Culture and Tradition, oppose this non-Polish holiday.

    [Tomasz Szczepanski, Chairman, Association for the Preservation of Culture]:
    "Culture consists of many interconnected elements and changing even a minor part affects the whole. Valentine's Day is something that erodes Polish national identity. It's also an over-commercialized holiday, and as such is very shallow. And so because of its foreign nature, its commercialism and the fact that there already exists a Slavic festival of love, we believe that observing this holiday makes no sense, so we oppose it."

    But as each February 14th comes and goes, Valentine's Day becomes more and more a part of the Polish landscape.

    [Marcin Jezynski, Warsaw Resident]:
    "For us, personally, it's a very nice holiday. I'm glad to be a part of it because it provides a nice context to express your feelings, so I'm definitely for it."

    This year couples were spotted going for romantic walks in Warsaw's Old Town district or sipping steaming cappuccinos in historic cafes.

    Lovebirds in the mood for something more original could check out an interactive exhibition at the Center for Contemporary Art. There they could record their heartbeats for each other.

    Or they could take in a performance at the National Opera.

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    NTD News, Warsaw, Poland