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    SHE WORE A YELLOW RIBBON 1949 Trailer John Ford


    MorinoMashio より

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    The book "not knowing John Ford Cinema" was bought last week. The photograph of John Ford in the cover was seen, and my daughter said that it looked like Akira Kurosawa.
    I spoke, "Kurosawa looks like Ford".
    I thought it was able to be spoken to my daughter that Kurosawa had loved Ford's movie I had done a wonderful experience.

    Directed by John Ford
    Produced by
    Merian C. Cooper
    Lowell J. Farrell
    John Ford
    Written by
    James Warner Bellah (stories)
    Frank S. Nugent
    Laurence Stallings
    Narrated by Irving Pichel
    John Wayne
    Joanne Dru
    John Agar
    Victor McLaglen
    Ben Johnson
    Harry Carey Jr.
    Music by Richard Hageman
    Cinematography Winton Hoch
    Editing by Jack Murray