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    Castillo for Mayor of Chicago - Foreclosures


    by chicagocitizens

    Castillo for Mayor of Chicago - Foreclosures

    A sincere concern and discussion on Foreclosures in Chicago. From Fiscal 2008 to Fiscal 2010, close to $220,000,000,000.00, that is, TWO-HUNDRED-TWENTY-THOUSAND MILLIONS DOLLARS, has been lost in home owner equity in Chicago. Just in 2010, more than 38,000 cases were filed for Chicago alone and more than 50,000 cases for all of Cook County, yet, less than 1% of all loan modifications are being approved.

    CHASE BANK, CITIBANK, BANK OF AMERICA, WELLS FARGO used most of the "BAILOUT", paid by USA tax payers, not to help the American Home Owner, but instead, to buyout more smaller banks. In Chicago, we need a Mayor that will lead the ChicagoCitizens out of this injustice.

    Castillo for Mayor of Chicago Feb 22 2011 Election Day