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How to get free Facebook Credits ?

vor 7 Jahren1.3K views


Try not to search for just one term, instead in hole question patterns like: "Where to buy shoes?", "What to do for a cold?". VERY IMPORTANT!: Visit between searches two websites from the search resultats for more natural surfing behavoir or try to spread your searches over a day, it seems you get higher rewards through that!. Use international brands names (cars,fashion,parfumes,Twitter trends,music,showes). Follow these instructions and you will hit the maxium of 6 rewards provided each day. 4Loot implanted a new feature called "Top Shared Searches" the other day. You can find it as a blue underlined link beneath the share button. You can stick to them, if you don´t have any clue what to search for. Visit my channel page to read more tips.
Important note: If you get a "forbidden" error while trying to connect to 4Loot, then unfortunately you live in a country in which the service isn´t available.

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How to get free Facebook Credits ?
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